Small Independent Brand.

Small Independent Brand.

We’re like you, we’re adventurers, we’re outdoor enthusiasts. We climb, scramble, surf, bike and swim our way around the UK, Europe and, when funds permit, Nepal.

The Who. The What. The Why.

We have spent a small fortune on our own gear over the years, only to find it isn’t quite right. Light, but fragile. Tough, but heavy. Wicky, but synthetic.

Fortunately we are designers (for our sins), so when something doesn’t quite cut the mustard, we modify it, keeping the best bits and rethinking the rest.

This approach works if you are simply perfecting your own kit, however being gregarious souls, we enjoy the great outdoors with a huge network of fellow ‘outsiders’.

The result being that our own ‘stuff’ elicits no small amount of kit envy! We’re cool with that and are always happy to share the knowledge where ‘hardware’ is concerned.

One category of kit which is notoriously difficult to modify is apparel (believe us, we’ve tried). The problem lies in the materials. As any good cook will tell you – the secret is in the ingredients!

With this in mind, we decided to start from scratch. We decided to design & handmake our own performance wear — planet friendly apparel which meets the demands of your chosen adventure.

Clothing which dries fast, doesn’t smell, looks great and will keep you warm / cool whatever you get up to.

Welcome to Naked Apes™.


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